Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yaotl Mictlan

In the true spirit of Black Metal these guys are highly influenced by their native Mexican folklore. They use Mayan instruments in their songs and their lyrics focus on native struggles. Also in the true nature of Black Metal the songs are really long so the album comes in at a little over an hour.

This is taken from their Myspace page.

"The reason for Yaotl Mictlan’s existince is actualy non-political, even though the individual band members themselves have strong political ideals. Yaotl Mictlan is a flag in which we express our Mexica, Mayan cultural history that was burnt by the Christian European that colonized Mexico/Anahuac. This History that for 500 years has been laying dormant in the form of glyphs, frescos, and stone sculputures in our sacred temples and single pieces that survived the inquisition of our America Latina.

These rescued forms of written history that our ancestors left us, combined with oral traditions that have been passed on for many generations make up our lyrics. Our lyrics include some of the creation stories, historical battles, cultural identity , the gods and their role in daily life along with their promise to their return."


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