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storm of the lights bane

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In 1997, Jon Nödtveidt was convicted of helping murder a 38-year old homosexual man in Gothenburg. He was released in the autumn of 2004. Nödtveidt formed a new line-up for Dissection with none of the previous members participating. Subsequently, Dissection recorded one two-track EP entitled Maha Kali and toured heavily with the "The Rebirth of Dissection" tour. In 2006, Dissection released their third full length album "Reinkaos" through their own label, in association with The End Records. The lyrics in the Reinkaos album contain magical formulae from the book, and are based on the teachings of the "Misanthropic Luciferian Order"[2] founded by Nödtveidt, of which some others in the group were members. Shortly after the release, in May 2006, in an online chat interview, Dissection announced plans to split following a short tour, including only two US dates (Though the US dates were cancelled due to Nödtveidt's incarceration, forbidding him from entering).

The band played its final European concert in Stockholm on Midsummer, 24 June 2006.

On August 16, 2006, frontman Jon Nödtveidt committed suicide. Nödtveidt's death was confirmed by the Swedish distributor Sound Pollution, whose staff has worked with Dissection throughout the band's career. Media reports had the man's body next to a copy of The Satanic Bible. However it was believed to in fact be a copy of a grimoire Liber Azerate written by Frater Nemidal, leader of the MLO. A posting on the Sound Pollution web site [1] reads: "RIP Jon Nödtveidt 1974-2006. Condolences from Sound Pollution & Black Lodge."

The vocalist of Dissection, Jon Nödtveidt, was one of the founders of the Misanthropic Luciferian Order in 1995[3], since renamed to Temple of the Black Light. Some members of Dissection were very involved in the group. One bassist pulled out of Dissection, saying it was partly in order to concentrate on his esoteric studies.[4] The MLO planned to release Liber Azerate, a grimoire written by MLO Magister Templi "Frater Nemidial" in 2002.[3] It was released on the internet in Swedish and Norwegian. Azerate is the hidden name of the "eleven Anti-cosmic gods", as described in the book.

The Temple of the Black Light believe in "Chaosophy". They believe that Chaos is the plane and/or power with infinite amounts of space and time, containing all dimensions, in contrast to cosmos, which only has three spatial dimensions and one linear time dimension. It is ever-changing.

Extreme militant nihilism is taught within the group, and they say the true satanist is not part of the modern society, as it is founded upon lies.

They believe in three forces, three dark veils - chaos, emptiness and darkness, which were expelled from Ain Sof in order to make way for the manifestation of The Black Light in The Outer Darkness that soon became Sitra Ahra. The three forces are the three steps back to a mysterious chaos.

These forces are above the Thaumitan, a two-headed god who allows the connection to the spiritual world. Members of the MLO seek to make that connection and channel the Black Light.

The Temple of the Black Light also believe there are eleven aeons; those of Moloch, Beelzebuth, Lucifuge Rofocale, Astaroth, Asmodeus, Belfegor, Baal, Adramelech, Lilith, Naamah and Satan. Azerate is eleven united as one, and these forces combined are those revered by the MLO/Temple of the Black Light.

Some former members of Dissection have gone on to form other bands, also influenced by their beliefs based on the MLO.

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