Sunday, January 11, 2009

Loiter Cognition - 2006 Demo

Mi Bando's 2006 demo! This is probably some of our best stuff right here. It's raw brutality almost compares to the live show. We have been compared to a lot of bands but I think we have a sound of our own. Our singer is a math teacher and is really into numbers so we have odd time signatures, he also is really into folk music so there is a little of that. For the most part we really just write what comes naturally. Check us out and if you dig it, go ahead and download this. Artwork by Joshua Faulkner (our singer)features a molotov coke bottle being thrown at a "FAL*PART" store, Mickey Mouse getting curb checked, the NBC logo getting decapitated my the CBS logo, Ronald McDonald is hanging from a tree, and Joe Camel blowing his brains out. CORPRACIDE!


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