Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doomsday 1999 (RIP)

Zack Carlson (vocals), Brandon Nakamura (guitar, vocals), Travis Nakamura (drums) Doomsday 1999 was a three piece grindcore/thrash metal/comedy act from Seattle, WA. They played their final show and disbanded on the chosen date of 06/06/06.

Holy crap I love this band!I hear the brothers are now some kind of contractors in Seattle and Zack is touring the country showing people the worlds worst movies in the place they were filmed. A friend of mine saw him in Morgan, Utah where he was showing Troll 2. Another group my band had the pleasure of playing with multiple times and let me tell you, I've never laughed so much in entire life than when we got to hang out with these guys. Do yourself a favor and download both of these albums, even if you don't like the music you'll probably have a good laugh over the track titles.

Maniac on the Floor.

Download Maniac on the Floor

Racist Unicorn

Download Racist Unicorn


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  1. Oh :( Here I thought I had -finally- found a download for Racist Unicorn, but it looks like the download link isn't working. Darn shame!